Ima Hachimangu Shrine

  • Ima Hachimangu Shrine
  • Ima Hachimangu Shrine

Ima Hachimangu Shrine was the place that young feudal warriors such as Kusaka Genzui, Irie Kuichi and others got together and discussed each and every day about the Sonno-joi movement (the movement advocating reverence for the emperor and the expulsion of foreigners).

After the Domain headquarters moved to Yamaguchi in 1863, young feudal warriors (Kusaka Genzui, Irie Kuichi, Hori Shingoro, Kijima Matabei) got together at Ima Hachimangu Shrine each and every day. There is a gate that feudal warriors passed through still standing as it was then.

Location 22 Yawatababa, Yamaguchi-shi
Phone 083-922-0083
Opening hours -
Admission Fee -
Access 10 minutes’ walk from JR Kamiyamaguchi Station on the JR Yamaguchi Line.
3 minutes’ walk from the bus stop “Jieitai mae” of Bochokotsu and JR Bus.
Yamaguchi Community Bus is available. Use “Ouchi Route” bus and get off at the bus stop “6th Noda” and walk 5 minutes.
Closed -
Parking Available (10 passenger cars)